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Provenza Floors Provenza Hardwood Flooring Antico African Plains Old World Heirloom Planche Palazzo Oiled Floors

In a world of machine manufactured wood floors, Provenza floor is set apart and hand crafted. Every board is hand-distressed by individual artisans to bring out the impression of age and antiquity. Each exclusive piece of wood is finished by hand to bring out the woods intrinsic character and natural beauty. The splendor of every Provenza floor is protected with a durable urethane finish providing years of satisfaction. A single Provenza floor can take weeks to complete and its craftsmanship is unparalleled. The rich tones of our floors, beautiful markings and aged-patina cannot be replicated or surpassed. Instant personality and an appeal to the eye are insured with every board.


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We pride ourselves on using only the finest materials sourced from around the globe. Recreating time honored techniques, every Provenza design is produced by hand so the end result is truly distinctive and one-of-a-kind. All boards must go through a stringent selection process and are carefully chosen by hand. It is this extraordinary attention to detail that makes Provenza hardwood floors a beloved work of art.


Provenza African Plains

African Plains Raffia 592
African Plains Congo 590
African Plains Black River 594

African Plains Sahara Sun 593
African Plains Zanzibar 591


Provenza Antico

Provenza Antico Heritage 347
Provenza Antico Caribou 847
Provenza Antico Tavern 947
Provenza Antico Chamboard 247
Provenza Antico Sable 447
Provenza Antico Stonehenge 047
Provenza Antico Vintage 547
Provenza Antico Auburn 147

Provenza Classico

Provenza Classico Royal Ruby 872
Provenza Classico Tiger's Eye 772
Provenza Classico Gold Dust 672
Provenza Classico Midnight Onyx 072
Provenza Classico Crown Garnet 972


Proenza Heirloom Collection

Provenza Heirloom Oxford 390
Provenza Heirloom Liverpool 391
Provenza Heirloom Glasgow 392
Provenza Heirloom Ashford 393
Provenza Heirloom London 391


Provenza infusion Commercial Products. An infused man made product. Click here to see the selection


Provenza Metallics

Provenza Metallics Sunset Gold 954
Provenza Metallics Silvered Mink 953
Provenza Metallics Mystic Pewter 952
Provenza Metallics Moonlit Platinum 951
Provenza Metallics Luminous Pearl 950

Provenza Old World

Provenza Old World Desert Haze 664
Provenza Old World Lava 665
Provenza Old World Fossil Stone 667
Provenza Old World Earth 669
Provenza Old World Weathered Ash 695
Provenza Old World Dusty Trail 691
Provenza Old World Tortoise Shell 690
Provenza Old World Fallen Timber 694
Provenza Old World Warm Sands 668
Provenza Old World Tumble Weed 692
Provenza Old World Aged Alabaster 693


Provenza Palazzo

Provenza Palazzo Umbria 490 4-5-6 inch width
Provenza Palazzo Tuscana 491 4-5-6 inch width
Provenza Palazzo Roma 492 4-5-6 inch width
Provenza Palazzo Verona 480 6" wide
Provenza Palazzo Asti 481 6" wide
Provenza Palazzo Catania 482 6" wide
Provenza Palazzo San Marco 484 6" wide
Provenza Palazzo Siena 483 6" Wide


Provenza Planche

Provenza Planche Antique Walnut 151 and 171
Provenza Planche Early American Walnut 154 and 174
Provenza Planche Burnt Umber 150 and 170
Provenza Planche Jacobean 152 and 172
Provenza Planche Georgian Brown 153 and 173


We only have the Acero Nero Giallo in inventory.

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