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Premier Flooring Solutions Essenza Nature's Beauty Canyon Creek Timber Creek Chene De L'est Woodland Collection

Premier Flooring Solutions is dedicated to providing innovative, high quality hardwood flooring throughout the United States. As a customer-focused company, we lead the industry in exemplary service and support, from your first inquiry through to the installation process. We’re there every step of the way. With incredible collections like Canyone Creek Solid Handscraped, Chene De L'est French Hardwood Flooring, Essenza, Nature's Beauty, Timbercreek Hardwood Flooring, and the Woodland Collection Hardwood in the Finline Series Premier Flooring Solutions ensures that end users will have great choices of unique and sturdy floors.

Nature's Beauty Hardwood Flooring

Smooth Surface:
American Cherry Natural
Beech Natural
Doussie Natural
Iroko Natural
Jatoba Natural
Kempas Natural
Maple Natural
Maple Natural Premium
Merbau Natural
Nordic Ash Stained
Pecan natural
Pinkadou Natural Asian Jatoba
Red Oak Natural
Santos Mahogany Natural
Smoked Fumed Oak
Walnut Natural
White Oak Casiopea Beveled
White Oak Gunstock
White Oak Natural
White Oak Natural Premium
White Oak Perseo

Textured Surface:
American Cherry Hand-Scraped
Jatoba Natural Hand-Scraped
Pecan Natural Hand-Scraped
Walnut Natural Hand-Scraped
White oak Andromeda Brushed and beveled
White Oak Caramel Hand-Scraped
White Oak Espresso Hand-Scraped
White Oak Leo Brushed and Beveled
White Oak Orion Brushed and Beveled
White Oak Sable Hand-Scraped

Timbercreek Hardwood Flooring

3" Engineered Plank:
Red Oak Natural 13630
Oak Golden 13631
Oak Gunstock 13632
Oak Butterscotch 13633
Oak Mocha 13634
Oak Sable 13637
Oak White Wash 13636

Merbau Natural 33630
Maple Natural Premium 33630
Maple Cinnamon 63632
Brazilian Cherry Natural 56630
Teak Natural 83630

4-3/8" Engineered Flooring:
Red Oak Natural 13650
Oak Golden 13651
Oak Gunstock 13652
Oak Butterscotch 13653
Oak Mocha 13654
Oak Sable 13657

Merbau Natural 33650
Maple Premium Natural 63650
Maple Cinnamon 63652
Brazilian Cherry Natural 53650
Teak Natural 83650


The Woodland Collection

Engineered Wide Plank
Fineline Coffee Stained
Fineline Sky Stained

Fineline Black Ash Stained
Fineline Dark Natural
Fineline Light Natural
Fineline Kempas Natural
Fineline Doussie Natural
Fineline White Oak Natural
Fineline Beech Natural
Fineline Merbau Natural
Fineline Maple Natural

Fineline American Cherry Natural
Fineline Smoked Fumed Oak
Fineline Walnut Natural
Fineline Wenge Natural


Canyon Creek Solid Hand Scraped


White Oak Coffee 18811
White Oak Sable 18812
White Oak Spice 18813