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T Molding
Bridges the expansion gap between two level surfaces



Most of the moldings are between 78"-96" long.


Bridges the gap between two uneven surfaces to create a smooth transition.





Stair Nosing
A durable trim for the treads and risers on stairways.




If you have questions regarding any moldings, feel free to call us. We are standing by to furnish information on how long each molding is from different manufacturers and how much they cost.

Used as a transition from wood to carpet, sliding glass doors, or areas around fireplaces.



Quarter Round
Frames all flooring projects and covers expansion gaps next to walls.



If you email us with your molding needs, and provide the increments of the item needed, we will in turn figure out how many pieces you might need to finish your job.

Borders the floor for a finished look and covers expansion gaps next to walls.



We ship material nationwide Contact us and see how much you can save. Save money on major brands. We ship to all fifty states including but not limited to Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, New Mexico, Utah.

Call us at 949 582 5200