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Max Windsor Floors Hardwood Flooring

Max Windsor Hardwood Floors combines the classic looks of rich hardwood flooring along with exotics of Far East and South America to have one of the most complete line of hardwood flooring. Value, customer service and incredible qualities are some of the traits of this company.

Alexander Handscraped Collection
Alexander Handscraped Collection

Autumn Maple TLEHY0020
Southern Maple TLEHY0026
Golden Amber TLEHY0029
Santa Fe Sevilla TLEHY0035
Omaha Sable TLEHY0039
Wheat TLEHY0042
Cappuccino TLEHY0043

Maximus Smooth Collection
Max Windsor Maximus Smooth

Terra Cotta Maple 5" TLELY0057
Dutch Chocolate Maple 5" TLELY0058
Brazilian Cherry 5" TLELY0082
Santos Mahogany 5" TLELY0088
Natural Walnut 5" TLELY0083-5


Maximus Handscraped Collection
Maximus Handscraped Collection

Santos Mahogany TLEHY0301
Brazilian Cherry TLEHY0302
American Walnut 5" TLEHY0305


Windsor Handscraped Collection

Max Windsor Windsor Hand scraped

Cocoa Brown TLEHY0701
Havana Sunrise TLEHY0703
Harvest Spring TLEHY0705
Creme Brulee TLEHY0706
Nutmeg TLEHY0707
Mountain Hickory TLEHY0708
Golden Hickory TLEHY0709
Sahara TLEHY0711
Metallic Charcoal TLEHY0717

Hickory TLEHY0710-5
Charlotte Hickory TLEHY0718-5
Egyptian Onyx TLEHY0702
Summer Walnut TLEJL0721
Tropical Walnut TLEJL0722

Exotic Walnut TLEJL0725


Windsor Smooth Collection
Windsor Smooth Collection

Hickory TLEHY0810-5
Egyptian Onyx TLEHY0802
Sahara TLEHY0811
Manchester TLEHY0813
Hudson TLEHY0815
Metallic Charcoal TLEHY0817
Maple Select TLEHY0820


Outback Hand-scraped Collection:

Cedar Valley Walnut TLELY1101
Williamstown Walnut TLELY1102
Coppermine Walnut TLELY1103
Old Hickory TLELY1105
Saddle Brown hickory TLELY1106
Mocha Sunset Hickory TLELY1107
Chateau Hickory TLELY1108
Tazmanian Betula TLELY1110
Victoria Desert maple TLELY1111
Aussie Brown Betula TLELY1113
White Sand Walnut TLELY1115

Natural Walnut TLELY1116

Outback Smooth Collection:

Barrington Walnut TLELY1202
Somerset Walnut TLELY1203
Hickory Natural TLELY1205

Europa Collection Smoked Oak:

Viennese Oak TLELY1601
Bordeaux Brown Oak TLELY1602
Tuscan Oak TELLY1603
French Country Oak TLELY1605
Florentine Silver Oak TLELY1606
Andalusion Oak TLELY1607
Black Forest Oak TLELY1608