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Lauzon hardwood Flooring


Brazilian Cherry

Local Stock
International Nextstep SE, BEV

S&B  3 1/4
LAU BC03B125 Natural
LAU BC03M125V Natural
S&B 5 3/16
LAU BC05M125V Natural

Special Order
International Nextstep BEV, H

S&B 3 1/4
LAU BC03M123V Natural *Pearl Finish
LAU BC03H125 Natural
Hard Maple

Local Stock
Northern Nextstep SE, BEV

S&B 3 1/4
LAU HM03B225 Natural
LAU HM03B8K5 Amaretto
LAU HM03M225V Natural
LAU HM03M8K5V Amaretto
LAU HM03M8E5V Truffle
LAU HM03B8J5 Copper
LAU HM03B8G5 Golden Amber
LAU HM03B8M5 Medium Brown
Line Art
S&B 3 1/4

LAU HM03M8L45V Jasper Brown*NEW
Local Stock
5 3/16
LAU HM05M8J45V Purple Slate*NEW
Line Art
Exclusive 5 3/16

LAU HM05M8L15V Agate*NEW
LAU HM05M8L35V Tiger Eye*NEW
Special Order
Northern Nextstep  SE, BEV, H
S&B 3 1/4

LAU HM03M223V Natural *Pearl Finish
LAU HM03H225 Natural
LAU HM03H8K5 Amaretto
LAU HM03H8R5 Antique Cherry
LAU HM03H8275 Carob
LAU HM03H8J5 Copper
LAU HM03H8G5 Golden Amber
LAU HM03H8M5Medium Brown
LAU HM03H8E5 Truffle
Exclusive 3 1/4
LAU HM03B8R5 Antique Cherry
LAU HM03B8E5 Truffle
LAU HM03M825V Natural
LAU HM03M8R5V Antique Cherry
LAU HM03M8185V Arabica
LAU HM03M8275V Carob
LAU HM03M8J5V Copper
LAU HM03M8G5V Golden Amber
LAU HM03M8M5V Medium Brown
LAU HM03M8W5V Midnight Brown
LAU HM03M8X5V Oxford Gray
LAU HM03M8J45V Purple Slate*NEW
LAU HM03M8J25V Shadow Gray*NEW
LAU HM03M8J35V Titanium Gray*NEW
LAU HM03M8E65V Urbanite
LAU HM03M8035V Velvet Brown
Exclusive 5 3/16
LAU HM05M825V Natural
LAU HM05M8K5V Amaretto
LAU HM05M8185V Arabica
LAU HM05M8275V Carob
LAU HM05M8G5V Golden Amber
LAU HM05M8M5V Medium Brown
LAU HM05M8X5V Oxford Gray
LAU HM05M8J25V Shadow Gray*NEW
LAU HM05M8205V Taupe
LAU HM05M8J35V Titanium Gray*NEW
LAU HM05M8E5V Truffle
LAU HM05M8E65V Urbanite
Line Art
Exclusive 3 1/4

LAU HM03M8L15V Agate*NEW
LAU HM03M8L35V Tiger Eye*NEW
LAU HM03M8L25V Travertine*NEW
Exclusive 5 3/16
LAU HM05M8L45V Jasper Brown*NEW
LAU HM05M8L25V Travertine*NEW

Local Stock  Country Nextstep BEV
3 1/4
LAU HI03M425V Natural
Country 5 3/16
LAU HI05M425V Natural
LAU HI05M4J5V Copper
LAU HI05M4E5V Truffle
Red Oak                      

Local Stock
Northern Nextstep SE, BEV
S&B 3 1/4
LAU RO03B225 Natural
LAU RO03M225V Natural
Antique 5 3/16
LAU RO05MAC83V Cigarillo With Pearl Finish
Exclusive 3 1/4
LAU RO03B8E5 Truffle
LAU RO03B8K5 Amaretto
LAU RO03B8G5 Golden Amber
LAU RO03M825V Natural
LAU RO03M8K5V Amaretto
Exclusive 5 3/16
LAU RO05M8195V Onyx
Special Order
Northern Nextstep SE, BEV, H
Pearl 3 1/4
LAU RO03M223V Natural *Pearl Finish
Antique 3 1/4

LAU RO03MAR3V Antique Cherry With Pearl Finish
LAU RO03MAC83V Cigarillo With Pearl Finish
LAU RO03MA213V Palomino With Pearl Finish
Antique 5 3/16
LAU RO05MAR3V Antique Cherry With Pearl Finish
LAU RO05MA213V Palomino With Pearl Finish
S&B 3 1/4
LAU RO03H225 Natural
Exclusive 3 1/4
LAU RO03B8R5 Antique Cherry
LAU RO03B8J5 Copper
LAU RO03B8M5 Medium Brown
LAU RO03M8R5V Antique Cherry
LAU RO03M8185V Arabica
LAU RO03M8275V Carob
LAU RO03M8J5V Copper
LAU RO03M8G5V Golden Amber
LAU RO03M8M5V Medium Brown
LAU RO03M8W5V Midnight Brown
LAU RO03M8195V Onyx
LAU RO03M8X5V Oxford Gray
LAU RO03M8J45V Purple Slate*NEW
LAU RO03M8H5V Sahara
LAU RO03M8J25V Shadow Gray*NEW
LAU RO03M8205VTaupe
LAU RO03M8J35V Titanium Gray*NEW
LAU RO03M8E5V Truffle
LAU RO03M8E65V Urbanite
LAU RO03M8035V Velvet Brown
LAU RO03H8K5 Amaretto
LAU RO03H8R5Antique Cherry
LAU RO03H8J5 Copper
LAU RO03H8G5 Golden Amber
LAU RO03H8M5 Medium Brown
LAU RO03H8E5 Truffle
Exclusive 5 3/16
LAU RO05M8J45V Purple Slate*NEW
LAU RO05M8J25V Shadow Gray*NEW
LAU RO05M8J35V Titanium Gray*NEW
LAU RO05M825V Natural
LAU RO05M8K5V Amaretto
LAU RO05M8185V Arabica
LAU RO05M8275VCarob
LAU RO05M8G5V Golden Amber
LAU RO05M8M5V Medium Brown
LAU RO05M8X5V Oxford Gray
LAU RO05M8205V Taupe
LAU RO05M8E5V Truffle
LAU RO05M8E65V Urbanite
Yellow Birch                           

Northern Nextstep
S&B 3 1/4 SE, BEV, H
LAU YB03B225 Natural
LAU YB03M225V Natural
LAU YB03M223V Natural *Pearl Finish
Heritage 3 1/4 SE, BEV, H
LAU YB03BH25 Natural
LAU YB03MHK5 Amaretto
LAU YB03MHR5 Antique Cherry
LAU YB03MHJ5 Copper
LAU YB03MHG5Golden Amber
LAU YB03MHM5 Medium Brown
LAU YB03MHE5 Truffle
LAU YB03HH25 Natural
LAU YB03HHK5 Amaretto
LAU YB03HHR5 Antique Cherry
LAU YB03HHJ5 Copper
LAU YB03HHG5 Golden Amber
LAU YB03HHM5 Medium Brown
LAU YB03HHE5 Truffle
LAU YB03MH25V Natural
LAU YB03MH23VNatural *Pearl Finish
LAU YB03MHK5V Amaretto
LAU YB03MHR5V Antique Cherry
LAU YB03MH185V Arabica
LAU YB03MH275V Carob
LAU YB03MHJ5V Copper
LAU YB03MHG5V Golden Amber
LAU YB03MHM5V Medium Brown
LAU YB03MHW5V Midnight Brown
LAU YB03MHX5V Oxford Gray
LAU YB03MHJ45V Purple Slate*NEW
LAU YB03MHH5V Sahara
LAU YB03MHJ25V Shadow Gray*NEW
LAU YB03MH205V Taupe
LAU YB03MHJ35V Titanium Gray*NEW
LAU YB03MHE5V Truffle
LAU YB03MHE65V Urbanite
LAU YB03MH035V Velvet Brown
Heritage 5 3/16
LAU YB05MHK5V Amaretto
LAU YB05MHX5V Oxford Gray
LAU YB05MH25V Natural
LAU YB05MH8185V Arabica
LAU YB05MH275V Carob
LAU YB05MHG5V Golden Amber
LAU YB05MHM5V Medium Brown
LAU YB05MHJ45V Purple Slate*NEW
LAU YB05MHJ25V Shadow Gray*NEW
LAU YB05MH205V Taupe
LAU YB05MHJ35V Titanium Gray*NEW
LAU YB05MHE5V Truffle
LAU YB05MHE65V Urbanite
Santos Mahogany

International Nextstep

Local Stock S&B SE, BEV
3 1/4
LAU MA03B125 Natural
LAU MA03M125V Natural
5 3/16
LAU MA05M125V Natural
Special Order S&B BEV, H
3 1/4
LAU MA03M123V Natural
LAU MA03H125 Natural

International Nextstep

Local Stock S&B BEV
5 3/16
LAU TW05M125V Natural
Special Order S&B BEV
3 1/4
LAU TW03M125V Natural
White Oak                               

Northern Nextstep

Local Stock Exclusive BEV
5 3/16
LAU WO05M8Z13V Beachwood Pearl Finish
LAU WS05M825V Quartersawn - Natural
Special Order Exclusive BEV, SE
3 1/4
LAU WO03M8Z13V Beachwood Pearl Finish
LAU WS03M825V Quartersawn - Natural
LAU WO03B8Z13Beachwood Pearl Finish
Multiple Species 

Local Stock Reserva BEV
Reserva 3 1/4
LAU HT03M8F33V Borneo*NEW
Special Order Reserva BEV
Reserva 3 1/4
LAU AT03M8F13V Sumatra *Pearl Finish
LAU YT03M8F23V Jakarta *Pearl Finish

Reserva 5 3/16

LAU HT05M8F33V Borneo* Pearl Finish
LAU YT05M8F23V Jakarta *Pearl Finish
LAU AT05M8F13V Sumatra *Pearl Finish
African Sapele

Local Stock International Nextstep SE, BEV, H
S&B 3 1/4
LAU SA03B125 Natural
LAU SA03M125V Natural

S&B 5 3/16
LAU SA05M125V Natural
LAU SA05M1215V Palomino

Special Order

S&B 3 1/4
LAU SA03H125 Natural
LAU SA03M123V Natural *Pearl Finish
LAU SA03M1215V Palomino
LAU SA03M1213V Palomino *Pearl Finish
S&B 5 3/16

LAU SA05M123V Natural *Pearl Finish
LAU SA05M1213V Palomino *Pearl Finish
American Cherry

Local Stock International Nextstep SE, BEV, H
S&B 3 1/4
LAU CH03B125 Natural
LAU CH03M125V Natural

Special Order

S&B 3 1/4
LAU CH03H125 Natural
LAU CH03M123V Natural *Pearl Finish
Exclusive 3 1/4 Northern Nextstep

LAU CH03M825V Natural
LAU CH03M8A5V Auburn
LAU CH03B825 Natural
LAU CH03B8A5 Auburn
LAU CH03H825 Natural
LAU CH03H8A5 Auburn
Betula Antique                        

Local Stock Antique BEV
S&B 5 3/16
LAU BT05MAR3V Antique Cherry *Pearl Finish
LAU BT05MAJ3V Copper *Pearl Finish

Special Order BEV

S&B 5 3/16
LAU BT05MAG3V Golden Amber *Pearl Finish
LAU BT05MA213V Palomino *Pearl Finish
S&B 3 1/4

LAU BT03MAR3V Antique Cherry *Pearl Finish
LAU BT03MAJ3V Copper *Pearl Finish
LAU BT03MAG3V Golden Amber *Pearl Finish
LAU BT03MA213V Palomino *Pearl Finish
Black Walnut                          

Local Stock International Nextstep SE, BEV
S&B 3 1/4
LAU BW03S125** Natural
Exclusive 5 3/16
LAU BW05MZ25V Natural
Special Order SE, BEV, H

S&B 3 1/4
LAU BW03H125 Natural
LAU BW03S125V** Natural
Exclusive 3 1/4 Northern Nextstep

LAU BW03BZ25 Natural
LAU BW03BZ115 Portobello
LAU BW03HZ25 Natural
LAU BW03HZ115 Portobello
LAU BW03MZ25V Natural
LAU BW03MZ115V Portobello