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Hallmark Hardwoods Flooring Collection



Hallmark Buena Vista collection

Buena Vista 7" Black and Tan BV7OBAT1
Buena Vista 7" Coastal BV7OCST1
Buena Vista 7" Dune BV7ODUN1
Buena Vista 7" Flannel BV7OFLN1
Buena Vista 7" Fudge BV7OFDG1
Buena Vista 7" Natural BV7ONAT1
Buena Vista 7" Olive BV7OOLV1
Buena Vista 7" Walnut BV7OWAL1


Hallmark Chaparral Collection

Chaparral 7" Maple Chaps CH7MCHP1
Chaparral 7" Maple Lodge Pole CH7MLGP1
Chaparral 7" Hickory Night Hawk CH7HNIT1
Chaparral 7" Maple Rustler CH7MRUS1
Chaparral 7" Hickory Tack Room CH7MTRL1
Chaparral 7" Maple Trail Boss CH7MTRL1
Chaparral 7" Walnut Cinch CH7WCIN1
Chaparral 7" Timber Hearth CH7WTIM1

Hallmark Exotic Collection

Exotic Hickory Smoke EX5SMKHK1
Exotic African Mahogany Anejo EX5ANEAM1
Exotic African Mahogany Sumatra EX5SUMAM1
Exotic Santos mahogany Natural EX5SANSM1
Exotic Sapele Natural EX5SAPSP1
Exotic Sapele Sunset EX5SUNSP1
Exotic Sucupira Natural EX5SUCSC1
Exotic Tigerwood Natural EX5TIGTG1

Hallmark Hacienda collection

Hacienda Hickory Buckskin HS5BUCH1
Hacienda Hickory Tealeaf HS5TEAH1
Hacienda Hickory Natural HS5HICH1
Hacienda Maple Syrup HS5MAPM1
Hacienda Maple Single Malt HS5SMTM1
Hacienda Maple Boot Strap HS5BTSM1
Hacienda Walnut Natural HS5NATW1
Hacienda Walnut Rum Raisin HS5RUMW1


Hallmark Heirloom Collection

Heirloom Hickory Buckskin HC5BUKH1
Heirloom Hickory Jute HC5JUTH1
Heirloom Hickory Natural HC5NATH1
Heirloom Hickory Tea Leaf HC5TEAH1
Heirloom Maple Single Malt HC5SMTM1
Heirloom Maple Syrup HC5MAPM1
Heirloom Maple Boot Strap HC5BTSM1-1
Heirloom Walnut Cordial HC5CRDW1
Heirloom Walnut Irish Setter HC5IRSW1
Heirloom Walnut Natural HC5NATW1

Hallmark Silverado Collection

Silverado Whiskey Barrel SP6WHKB1-1
Silverado Rum SP6RUMB1-1
Silverado Dark Chocolate SP6DRKB1-1
Silverado Tobacco SP6TOBB1-1
Silverado Canvas SP6CANB1
Silverado Driftwood Birch SP6DRFB1-1
Silverado Mink SP6MNKB1
Silverado Stout SP6STTB1