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Gemwoods Hardwood Flooring has been very successful with their California Classics Collection and Pacific Treasures Collection. These two collections offer quite a few magnificent stains and distressed styles with scattered chatter marks through out the surface of hardwood for the Classic series and a bit of soft hand sculpted look for the Pacific treasure. Gemwoods also offers quite a few natural species of exotic products. These products are hard to go unnoticed. And yes, We make them affordable. Give us a call to find out how affordable.


Gemwoods Hardwood Flooring
California Classics Collection
Hand Scraped 4 / 5 / 6" Width

Pasadena CCPA713
Hollywood CCHO744
Montecito CCMO751
La Jolla CCLA737
Del Mar CCDM683
Santa Monica CCSM690
Palos Verdes CCPV894


Gemwoods Hardwood Flooring
California Classics Collection
Hand Scraped 6" Width

Palm Springs CCPS720
Malibu CCMA768
San Diego CCSD0339
Santa Barbara CCSB706
Rancho Santa Fe CCRS887



Gemwoods Hardwood Flooring
Pacific Treasures Collection
Hand Scraped 5" Width Maple
Hand Scraped 6" Width Birch


Laguna Beach PTLB928
Pebble Beach PTPE911
Newport Beach PTNB881
Venice Beach PTVB904
Pismo Beach PTPI889
Manhattan Beach PTMB900


Sunset Cliffs CSCL931
Sunset Hills CSHI962
Sunset Boulevard CSBO948
Sunset Palms CSPA979
Sunset Beach CSBE955


Gemwoods Hardwood Flooring
Smooth Sailing Collection
Hand Scraped 6" Width

Shelter Island SSSI266
Harbor Island SSHI297
Coronado SSCO228
Dana Point SSDP235
Marina Del Rey SSMD242
Oceanside SSOC259
Avalon SSAV273
Catalina SSCA280


Gemwoods Hardwood Flooring
Acacia Collections
Smooth and Handscraped 5"

Acacia Antigua ACCH9436
Acacia Belize ACHA9829
Acacia Rio De Janeiro ACCL0436
Acacia San Jose ACTI0412
Acacia Santiago ACHA2829
Acacia Sao Paulo ACTR9412


Gemwoods California Classics Reserve Collection
Hand Scraped 4" / 6" / 8"

Caramel Valley walnut ACSP478
Calistoga Cherry ACGO0560
Monterrey Cherry ACPO461
San Ynez Maple ACFU430
Napa Hickory ACTR393
Mendocino Hickory ACAE379
Sonoma Hickory ACFO553
San Luis Obispo Maple ACAD423
Los Olivos Maple ACAC416
Paso Robles Maple ACMC539


Gemwoods California Classics Reserve Collection Hand Scraped 8"

Mariposa Hickory ACMM379
Temecula Hickory ACNN393
Santa Rosa Maple ACPP539
El Dorado Maple ACLL416
Santa Clara Maple ACSS430
Madera Walnut ACCC478