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DuChateau Floors

DuChateau? Floors reflect passion, art in design, and an appreciation for nature. Handcrafted to express the beauty of a true European floor using natural wood elements, our floors come to life in a style much appreciated by all who admire unique and quality products.

Versatile in its flooring collections which creates different atmospheres, DuChateau? Floors offers a unique combination of old world craftsmanship, luxurious modern designs, and innovative fashionable concepts. Whether reflecting personal style in your own home or making a grand statement in a commercial setting, DuChateau? Floors offers options to meet your desires.

DuChateau? Floors reinterprets the concept of hardwood flooring limited only by the imagination of our master craftsmen. Our core values are to make use of environmentally friendly methods and renewable forest resources, to offer products that are consistently of the highest quality.

* indicates items that are special order and require 8-10 weeks of lead time for delivery
Installation instructions:
DuoFloor Installation

Quality Engineered Installation
Super DuoFloor Installation
Value Engineered Installation
Radiant Heat Installation

The Terra Collection

EFGAL9 Madagascar *
EFPAT9 Tanzania *
EFCAM9 Greystone
EFGCA9 Panga
EFZIM9 Zimbabwe

The Riverstone Collection

RSCTHA7 Thames
RSCDAN7 Danube

The Fine Sawn Collection

QRSKAR5 Fine Sawn White Oil*
QRSOUT5 Fine Sawn Olde Dutch*

QSTAI5 Fine Sawn Antique White*
QSKAL5 Fine Sawn Ebony*


The Chateau Collection

EGRNAT3 Natural
EGRWHO3 White Oiled
EGROEN3 Olde Dutch
EGRAWH3 Antique White
EGRSMR3 St. Moritz
EGRKAL3 Kasteel Walnut
EGRWDR3 Windsor
EGRMAN3 Manior *
HSCNAT8 Natural
HSCWHO8 White Oiled
HSCOEN8 Olde Dutch
HSCAWH8 Antique White *
HSCWDR8 Windsor
HSCMAN8 Manior

The Vernal Collection

EGRSTR5 San Tropez
EGRPYR5 Lugano
VERNT7 Vernal Natural
VEROD7 Vernal Olde Dutch
EGRVAM5 Natural American Walnut
VERWO7 Vernal White Oil
VERAW7 Vernal Antique White


The Royal Oak Collection

ROCBLM8 Bloomsbury (Danube Look)
ROCCAM8 Cambridge (Lighter Brown)
ROCHMP8 Hampstead (Whitewash)
ROCKBR8 Kinightsbridge (Darker Brown)
ROCWMN8 Westminster (Antique Grey)


The New Classics Collection

Custom Orders

The Palais Collection

Custom Orders

The Atelier Series

Custom Order