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Alloc Laminate Flooring, Alloc Original, Alloc Domestic, and Alloc Commercial

Everything you want, all you need.
You want fashionable flooring that expresses your style.
You need long-lasting flooring that's easy to install and maintain.
Alloc's got what you're looking for. Beauty and durability, style
and strength - Alloc is in step with your busy family



Alloc Laminate Original Series

American Cherry SC 644311
Antique Oak SC 644531
Antique Pine WS 634122
Castle Oak WS 634243
Elegant Merbau TP 655812
Elegant Walnut TP 655853
Heritage Cherry SC 644321
Historic Chestnut WS 634811
Japanese Cherry TP 624093
Natural Masari WS 655888
Portland Oak WS 644502
Trendline Natural TP 655851
Vintage Maple SC 645601
Wild Cherry TP 655333


Alloc Laminate Domestic Series

Cherry Maple TP 253642
Craftsman Oak EIR 253571
Elegant Cherry TP 253353
Elegant Maple TP 253612
Jerrah TP 253882
Merbau 253833
Oak Plank Red WS 253591
Shoreline Beech TP 253443
Traditional Oak WS 243513


Alloc Laminate Commercial Series

Acacia WS 735802
Canary Wood WS 735842
Concrete OT 675959
Ironite SL 674962
Oxide Brown S 675939
Sand Slate Slot 674901
Stone Slate ST 674951